Well played, RNG

There I was, innocently clearing Utgarde Pinnacle for a shot at the Blue Proto-Drake. I don’t do it religiously every day even just on one character, let alone all characters I have that are capable of it, simply because it’s dull as hell, but I try to do it at least two or three times a week. I have no idea how many times I’ve killed Skadi in total, but it must be numbering in the hundreds by now.

But this time, my Shadowmeld had failed me to get rid of the trash that was tailing me, so I’d killed it before starting Skadi. After Skadi died, I went back to loot, because hey, if nothing else it’s a few gold worth of vendor greys, no?

The mount, of course, didn’t drop. But on the trash, I found this:

It’s the world-drop BoP vanity trinket with an itty bitty 0.05% or so droprate. Of course it is. And if this were any other character of mine, I wouldn’t even mind that much, but Aeliel? As you can see in the tooltip, she already has one. I won it back in Wrath, in a random Trial of the Champion PuG, on a group-wide need roll.

I feel distinctly trolled…


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