Camping Timeless Isle rares when AFK

I’ve gotten into the habit of parking myself at a Timeless Isle rare’s spawn point when doing something else around the house, and periodically checking if it happens to be up. It’s usually Garnia, because it’s the most annoying to reach, and I’ve been noticing something strange. Sometimes, I would be AFK when it spawned (as it tends to happen), and somebody else would kill it — but I’d come back to find the corpse sparkling, and I’d be able to loot it.

I had my suspicions as to the reason why, and today, with a Leafmender spawn I was pretty much 100% certain I was going to miss, I confirmed it.

If you are in combat with the rare when it dies, you can loot it.

This means you can park yourself right on the spawn point of a rare, to ensure you get in combat with it once it spawns, and reap the benefits of somebody else killing it.

Mind you, there are only a handful of rares you can do this with, since the following needs to be true:

  1. The rare always spawns in the exact same location, preferably one that’s free  of other mobs so you can just sit there out of stealth and not die (so Rock Moss, Leafmender and Zesqua would work, but Spirit of Jadefire, Huolon or Bufo would not, for example);
  2. You need to not be alone at its spawn point (otherwise you might as well just sit slightly off it so it won’t aggro immediately);
  3. It needs to be something that won’t kill you instantly on aggro (just in case everybody else there is also not paying attention).

I’m honestly not sure how well or how often this can even be replicated, but it got me the drop I wanted off Leafmender, so I thought I’d share.


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