Surprise drake

My luck with drops tends to come and go. I’ll get nothing for a while, then I’ll get something extra-shiny, then nothing for a while and so on. After I got Ashes of Al’ar, I went for a very long while without seeing anything else.

Today’s reset day, so I went and did my usual reset day “kill ALL the things” loop, but I wasn’t expecting to get anything, considering I’d gotten the Armored Razzashi Raptor last week (not to mention a neat little pile of items for the Bigger Bag achievement, including — finally — the Ruby Droplet from Garnia).

The Rarity addon shows an “achievement” pop-up when you open a loot window containing an item you’re tracking. It looks and sounds just like a normal achievement pop-up. So this time, I didn’t squeak, but my reaction was probably even more amusing, since I was just confused for a minute. “Wait… an achievement? I thought I had all the Onyxia achievements… oh. Oh!


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