Many thanks for wasting my time

Players under the effects of the Censer of Eternal Agony no longer gain Blood Coins for defeating players in their party or raid. (source)

Ugh. I suspect this was done to stop people farming Bloody Coins by way of joining a Celestials or Ordos raid, but it throws a wrench in my plans, too. I had been farming Bloody Coins by sitting on a pillar, killing my alt, and resurrecting her with Mass Resurrection.

Unless they make it so that people with the Censer up can’t join groups with people that don’t have it, I’m just going to kill her outside a group, invite her, use Mass Resurrection and then drop group, but ugh. It’s already enough of a pain in the neck (which is why I’ve not actually been farming it… it’s so incredibly dull).

Alternatively, I can just run her back manually, since the debuff takes 10 minutes to tick down anyway, but then I’d have to find myself a different spot, since successfully grabbing an albatross can be obnoxious. (And don’t get me started on the people that sit at the Celestial Court and deliberately kill albatrosses that are carrying others.)



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