Bored now

These last few days I’ve been taking advantage of the Darkmoon Faire buff to push Shaohao rep, making sure I had the buff up not only when turning in the daily, but also when killing things for it. I did my daily killing up in the Sanctuary, since even on my crowded server it’s consistently deserted, especially if you clear down the left side (on the way to where Urdur spawns) instead of towards Ordos; both Kilnmasters and Chanters give 30 reputation per kill with the buff, the guild perks and the Battle Standard of Coordination, and I typically stuck around for a few more kills after I was done with the required daily ones, so I was getting roughly 1000 reputation per day.

Yesterday I noticed I was missing about 1500 rep or thereabouts and it was the last day of the Faire, so I decided to just grind it, and now I have my shiny new mount. (I’ve been pretty much living on the Timeless Isle, so the coins weren’t an issue. I still have another 100k+ coins left.)

It’s actually the first Heavenly cloud serpent I’ve ever had, since my guild didn’t get around to finishing the first-tier Glory before it exploded and I haven’t gotten lucky with the Sha drop yet.

I don’t think I’ll be back to the Timeless Isle for a bit now. I’ll probably still do the daily for a few more days just to cap the rep bar at 999 Exalted like I usually do, but beyond that, I won’t really be grinding mobs or camping rare spawns for the last items I’m missing for the achievement. I have plenty enough to do even just in terms of leveling alts and sorting professions, never mind everything else, and I am so bored with the place. It probably has to do with the fact that I am coming up on 150 Kilnmaster kills without seeing their drop (meanwhile, I’ve seen two more Blizzard Stones from the Chanters, which is just insult to injury) and, in general, I’ve not had any drop in close to a week, not for lack of trying.

So I’ll go do something that doesn’t make me want to cry from boredom instead.


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