Soloing High Priests of Ordos as a melee

My resolution to stay away from the Timeless Isle for a bit lasted all of a couple of days. Then I remembered that the “kill 20 elites” daily is one of the better sources of valor points, and I really should be capping VP every week, if for no other reason that the better my gear is the easier it is for me to solo things — never mind that I might be actually joining a very casual raiding guild again.

I’ve mostly been doing my killing in Three Breeze Terrace, since most people leave the place alone when the summon stone for Archiereus isn’t up and the summoning leaves behind a nice pile of Ordon that I can readily solo.

I tend to clear Kilnmasters first (because I still need the drop), then Chanters if I still need kills for the quest… and then the High Priests, because with an empty Terrace, why not figure out how to solo them?

Turns out they’re actually not that hard. A few caveats, though:

  • I’m relatively well-geared for somebody who hasn’t been raiding at all (548 equipped item level), since I got lucky with Ordos and I do have the legendary cloak
  • I’m a feral druid, which helps a fair bit (a lot of my damage comes from bleeds, which keep ticking while I run)
  • I’ve only ever done this at Three Breeze Terrace (I imagine the High Priests over at the Sanctuary would be a bit harder due to lack of space and the fact that it’s generally more crowded with mobs)

The trick lies in treating them like what they are — both a Kilnmaster and a Chanter. They used to charge like Kilnmasters, which would’ve made them essentially impossible for me to solo, but now they no longer do.

To start with, if there are any other Ordon near him, you want to pull the High Priest back. You’re going to be busy enough dealing with his abilities, and the last thing you want is to have to play “dodge the Ordon” while you’re already playing “dodge the Blazing Blow.”

I usually drag him back off the Terrace regardless of whether I’ve already cleared the rest or not, since people on my server really love to summon Archiereus whenever the stone is clear, whether somebody’s fighting something on the Terrace or not. Be aware, though, that it’s likely you will aggro some extra mobs (yaks, cranes, whatever) while running around, and they will occasionally daze you. I’m confident in my ability to kill anything extra in short order via the legendary cloak’s AOE, and my reflexes and latency mean that getting dazed isn’t deadly. If the idea makes you uncomfortable, though, clear first.

As soon as the High Priest reaches you, he’ll start casting his abilities. He usually starts with a Blazing Blow, followed by one or two more, then it’s largely random.

What you do is simple. You run around the High Priest in circles while he’s casting Blazing Blow, just like you would with a Kilnmaster. The moment he starts casting anything else, regardless of what it is, you run away and get some distance. Hit him with a ranged ability while you run so he doesn’t reset.

While you’re running, take the time to quickly glance at your surroundings and make sure you have the space to run in circles without running into either the Flarecore Golems he summons or a bit of geography (a rock, a plant, a tree, whatever) that would stop you at the worst possible time. The Golems run slower than the High Priest, so they’ll never catch you unless you run into them.

Don’t get hit by the Fire Storm. If you can’t avoid it, practice on Chanters until you can.

Ignore Eternal Kilns. High Priests, like Kilnmasters, don’t melee, so you’ll be fine as long as you keep moving and stay out of the bad.

Unless the High Priest is almost dead (as in, one or two more hits will kill him), do not interrupt Cauterize. Cauterize is your friend. Yes, Cauterize heals the High Priest for 25% of his health, but then it does a total of 30% of his health in damage back to him over 30 seconds. That’s 1.3 million damage you don’t have to do for each Cauterize you let through.

Lather, rinse, repeat until dead.

Do try to drag the High Priest in circles around the forest area instead of just dragging him to the Celestial Court, though. Maybe it’s just me, but I think getting poor unsuspecting random people killed with AoE is kind of rude.


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