Evolving your transmog sets

The more I play a particular character, the higher the chance I’ll end up changing what they’re wearing.

Sometimes, it happens because I got a new item and I like how it looks. Such is the case with my warlock, who is wearing a completely unmogged set of Timeless Isle gear (although I do want to transmog some pieces, I haven’t managed to get the relevant instances to cough them up yet), or my warrior, who is still wearing the Hateshatter Battleplate set as her tanking set (minus the helm and with different gloves) long after the items stopped being relevant.

Sometimes they’re born out of necessity — such as when I got my druid a Stormherald, Reborn to tank in, only to realize that no 2H mace in existence fit the transmog I was using at the time.

And sometimes they change slowly, bit by bit. My druid’s tanking set — the current incarnation of which is the header image for this post — is one such set.

When I built it, my expectations weren’t terribly high. I just wanted something to match one of the few 2H maces I already had on hand (Herald of Woe), that didn’t require much farming and could be thrown together quickly. I fully intended to drop it and go back to my previous set the moment I got a staff or polearm to replace the 2H mace.

Here’s the first iteration:

Shoulders: Savage Gladiator’s Kodohide Spaulders
Chest: Grand Breastplate
Gloves: Mogubreaker Gloves
Belt: Titan-Forged Belt of Triumph
Legs: Mind-Expanding Leggings
Boots: Boots of the Neverending Path
Weapon: Herald of Woe

Wowhead link

As you can see, it’s largely the Brazen Trespass Armor set, with different shoulders (because I didn’t like them), chest (ditto), gloves (because I already had them) and boots (same skin, but I prefer the “stompy boots” model to the slimmer one). Literally everything was either something off a vendor, a BoP item I already had, or a BoE item I also already had.

And then it just… started changing.

The first to go were the shoulders. Although I like the model, the set needed a druid touch. So, again in the interest of farming as little as possible, I replaced them with Thunderheart Pauldrons.

Then I went to a Mogu’shan Vaults LFR run — back in the day the Timeless Isle didn’t exist, so as a relatively fresh 90 I was struggling a bit to get my item level high enough to run Throne of Thunder LFR — and I got Stoneflesh Leggings. They didn’t look bad at all with the set, so I left them unmogged.

Then I got my item level high enough and ran Throne of Thunder LFR, and got the tier legs. The green fit in nicely with the brownish tones of the rest of the set, I thought, so I left them unmogged, too.

A few weeks later, I got the normal-mode tier legs off Nalak. The blue-grey highlights were a bit off, but they still fit well enough, so I also left them unmogged.

Then I stopped playing for a bit.

The reset I picked the game back up, Oondasta dropped me Arielle’s Ancient Legwraps. I added them to my DPS set without even paying much attention to how they looked.

A few weeks later, I got the same legs off Oondasta again, added them to the tanking set and realized they looked quite nice, matching the bright blue highlights of the shoulders. So I left them unmogged as well.

Then I finally got a non-mace weapon to tank in. By this point, I was quite attached to the set, so I dug through my extensive collection of staves and came up with Dreambinder, to coordinate with the blue highlights in the legs and shoulders.

And then, last week, I helped out a friend’s guild in normal Siege of Orgrimmar and got Damron’s Belt of Darkness out of it. It might be from a completely different set, but it also matches the general feel of the set. So I left that, too, unmogged.

The only items still there from the original set are the gloves, chest and boots. I wonder if they’ll end up replaced as well, or if the set will stay how it is…


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