Addon spotlight: Rarity

As I continue my wild flailing¬†glorious endeavors at farming up the last items I need for the Bigger Bag achievement (20 to go) and various pets and mounts I’m still after, I thought it was time to download and install the Rarity addon.

This addon may as well be subtitled “How to hate your luck with the help of maths in one easy step.” Out of the box, it tracks mount and pet drops (and pulls kill counts from your statistics wherever possible), but you can make it track literally any item. Give the item a drop chance (expressed in 1 out of Y — so 1% is 1 out of 100, 25% is 1 out of 4, and so on) and it’ll also helpfully tell you whether you are, mathematically, lucky or unlucky.

If you’ve been keeping track of how many attempts you’ve had so far at getting things to drop (I haven’t), you can tell the addon to start at that number.

So far, all I’ve added to it are the Bigger Bag items I’m still missing (that it didn’t already have) — once I’m done with that, I might also add BoP patterns I want to farm up. We’ll see.

Either way, the addon is worth getting, unless you really, really don’t want to know how long it took you to get a specific drop.