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All dressed up and nowhere to go

Transmogrification for me is… kind of a hobby. By which I mean that all my characters have bags and bags and bags of pretty clothes. (I was overjoyed when I found out that although my warlock, who is my newest 90, had a full bank and full bags, I hadn’t yet touched her void storage.)

Combine MogIt with the existence of dungeon queues, rare camping, and other reasons to just sit and twiddle my thumbs, and I end up creating a lot of transmog sets. The problem with that is I change what my characters are actually wearing far, far more rarely than “whenever I make a new set.” Instead, I do it when it makes sense for that particular character’s personality and story.

(You’d think I played on a RP server. Hah. Nope.)

Until now, the sets have just kind of… been sitting there and moldering in my MogIt outfit list. I figured since I have a blog, I might as well post them here — both so I don’t have to rebuild them from scratch if something horrible happens to my interface, and so other people have a chance to get some use out of them.

(Not to mention it’ll help me stick to my recently-made resolution to post at least once a day…)


Well hello

So, hi.

I wanted to talk about World of Warcraft, so I made a blog. Another one, that is — I’ve had a WoW blog before, it’s probably not even hard to find, but I needed something new.