That was quick

As Mists of Pandaria winds down, I’ve been working on my (seemingly endless) bucket list. I got my priest to 89 by sheer force of will and spite (and a desire to have an extra character to farm the nonexistent Big Love Rocket), but smiting my way through quests and healing dungeons have both gotten very old, so she’s sat there accruing some rested XP before the last push to 90. My other 85+ characters are similarly waiting for now.

Poking through my achievement list for things to do, though, I realized I was still missing some of the zone-specific quest achievements in Eastern Kingdoms, since I got Loremaster long before the zones were split and then never went back to do the quests (largely because most of my existing characters have huge inventory issues already, and I know from experience that I will want to keep a lot of quest rewards for transmog).

I also knew I wanted the Thundering Serpent Hatchling pet and the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent mount. They’re both relatively easy to get if you’re in a raiding guild, but, well, I’m not. The achievements associated with the pet and the mount are impossible to get if you’re the sole occupier of the guild you’re in.

I’ve also been meaning to level a monk.

So what I did was simple — I rolled a shiny new pandaren monk, I got her out of the Wandering Isle and then I sat in trade chat for a few hours advertising that I was looking for a guild with both the pet and the mount that would take me on as social. A kind person pointed me in the right direction, I whispered an officer and got an invite.

I promptly strapped on a Renowned Guild Tabard and went to quest. About an hour ago, I hit level 40 and, very shortly after, exalted with the guild.

I’ve bought and learned the pet and already bought the mount as well, just in case they decide to punt me out (I was very honest with the officer about my reasons to want to join as a social); while it does require level 85 and Artisan Riding to learn, that’ll come in time (and right now it’s the 85-90 leveling stretch I want a break from, anyway, so it shouldn’t take long to get to 85).

Unless they punt me out, though, I’m sticking around. God knows what other guild achievements they’ll add in Warlords of Draenor — it behooves me to have a character in an active raiding guild, in case I can’t find one for my main, just for the sake of buying any new guild rewards. Not that I couldn’t repeat the process with a different guild if need be, of course, but that’s no reason to waste effort.


And one more

Um. I’ve been doing this daily religiously since it was added (minus the few months during which I just wasn’t playing the game). I was at the point where I was considering just buying the thing.

Should I be worried? Because I’ve never had this much luck in such a short time.

Addon spotlight: Rarity

As I continue my wild flailing glorious endeavors at farming up the last items I need for the Bigger Bag achievement (20 to go) and various pets and mounts I’m still after, I thought it was time to download and install the Rarity addon.

This addon may as well be subtitled “How to hate your luck with the help of maths in one easy step.” Out of the box, it tracks mount and pet drops (and pulls kill counts from your statistics wherever possible), but you can make it track literally any item. Give the item a drop chance (expressed in 1 out of Y — so 1% is 1 out of 100, 25% is 1 out of 4, and so on) and it’ll also helpfully tell you whether you are, mathematically, lucky or unlucky.

If you’ve been keeping track of how many attempts you’ve had so far at getting things to drop (I haven’t), you can tell the addon to start at that number.

So far, all I’ve added to it are the Bigger Bag items I’m still missing (that it didn’t already have) — once I’m done with that, I might also add BoP patterns I want to farm up. We’ll see.

Either way, the addon is worth getting, unless you really, really don’t want to know how long it took you to get a specific drop.