Warlords of Draenor

Analyzing the infodump

Today, in “everybody’s talking about it so I might as well do the same thing” news…

Fair warning: I’m pulling the info from Wowhead’s post on the racials and other changes, and I’m focusing only on the races and classes I play enough to have a semi-informed opinion on the matter.

Draenei: Heroic Presence is now +X to your primary stat. Gift of the Naaru heals for the same amount but over 5sec.

Sounds good. I like the Gift of the Naaru change, also — in its current state, it’s helpful but not that great. Speeding up the heal will improve it.

Humans lose the Mace/Sword racials. The Human Spirit becomes +X to two secondary stats of your choice. Every Man for Himself, we’re still evaluating. Itemization changes may mean no nerf needed.

Letting you pick the stats is a fascinating mechanic. I don’t really use the trinket racial much, since I don’t PVP on my one human character.

Here’s an unpopular opinion, though: I really wish they’d get rid of the stupid Diplomacy racial. As long as they gate things behind reputation, anybody who doesn’t play a human will be at a disadvantage.

Night Elves: Quickness also increases movement speed by 2% passively. They also got a new passive which is quite unique… (Remember, no more haste breakpoints!) Touch of Elune, a new passive which grants 1% Haste at night, 1% Crit during the day. Shadowmeld is unchanged.

Yay, Shadowmeld is staying! I love that racial. I really love that racial. Not only is it inordinately useful for “oops, I pulled too much, I don’t wanna die” situations when I’m soloing, but it can also help with wipe recovery if I manage to be the last one alive during a raid. Passive movement speed is excellent, especially as a tank. The new passive is fascinating, but could be annoying — “We’re making sure that everyone benefits from them”, they say, but they haven’t proven to be very adept at balancing secondaries so far.

As for abilities…

Q: Regarding removing CDs, which is likely gonna be cut for Ferals Berserk or Tiger Fury or both? A: Both of those are staying. Tiger’s Fury is on the border between feeling like a DPS cooldown and a rotational button.

I agree with this assessment and I’m glad both are staying. TF is pretty rotational, what with the short cooldown — you can certainly hold off on using it and line it up with a burst phase, but it’s not essential.

We’re keeping Bloodlust/Heroism [and Time Warp/Ancient Hysteria] as the only raid-wide throughput cooldown. No more Stormlash / Skull Banner.

Huh. I wonder if those other abilities will remain as a personal cooldown, or just go. I mean, they pretty much just got added…

This is making me look forward to the Warlords of Draenor beta that much more. (Assuming I get in, of course, which is not a guaranteed fact but would be very nice.)


Unique items in Blackrock Spire

Warlords of Draenor will include “a revamped version of the classic Blackrock Spire,” which is all well and good and I’m looking forward to it — except there’s unique items in there. I’ll need to build a list of which items to farm on which characters (it’s pointless to keep an item with a unique model if I’m never, ever going to transmog into it because I find it ugly); to do that, I need a complete list of all items that have no other source.

This is that list. I’m including items from the entire Blackrock Spire, whether you would count it as “lower” or “upper” (since it’s the same dungeon, just with two wings, and I have no guarantee that they’ll change one part and leave the other untouched). Items are listed by source.

I’m listing items that have one identical quest reward or relatively uncommon BoE, in case you want to get the model the “easy way” while it’s there. If there are a half-dozen alternatives, however, I’m skipping it.

I’m also including profession patterns and vanity pets, since both may become unobtainable when the place is revamped. It’ll cost you nothing but a little storage space to pick up, learn and then cage any pet that drops.

Tucking the list under a cut, since it got very, very long. Farming this place is likely going to be more obnoxious than it was to farm Scholomance before Mists dropped…