argent tournament guide

PSA: Argent Tournament

One of my long-term stated goals for my paladin has been to get her the Argent Charger, ever since they took away the paladin horse from draenei paladin and gave them the dumb elekk instead. (I’ve been using Tyrael’s Charger instead, but it’s not quite the same thing, although it’s a lovely mount.)

The problem was, I’d done a lot of grinding at the Argent Tournament already. As in, two characters fully maxed out twice (due to faction changing, which resets progress), all pets and all mounts except the paladin horse.

I started my paladin out, but gave up very quickly. I got through Aspirant, got to Champion with Exodar and did one day’s work of the Darnassus Valiant line, then I got bored.

Recently, I was looking through my achievements and saw that I’m quite close — 9853 / 10000 at the moment — to the final daily quest achievement. (Alts. Lots of alts. What can I say.) Naturally, I started looking for useful ways of incrementing that counter. I started working on Cloud Serpent reputation for the level 90 characters that are missing it, resumed pet battling, and such. Then I took a look at the paladin, saw the Valiant’s Charge quest in her quest log, and thought, “I might as well.”

She still had the Black Knight quest in her log as well, so I dropped by Westfall and picked up the objective, and dropped in to the Crusader tent to deliver it when I hit the Tournament.

I was in for a bit of a surprise.

Nope, never did any rep grinding.

My paladin is very much not a Crusader. And yet, she has all the Champion, Crusader and Silver Covenant dailies available to her, and the Crusader’s Quartermaster is more than happy to talk to her.

Turns out that somewhere along the line, I don’t know when (the only mention I saw of this on Wowhead is a comment dated 12 January 2014), the Crusader achievement from the Argent Tournament went really, truly account-wide. If you’ve unlocked the whole thing on one character, you’ve got access to the Crusader’s Quartermaster vendor on all characters.

[EDIT] For science, I took a character that had never set foot at the Argent Tournament there. You do get the two Crusader dailies, access to the Crusader’s Quartermaster vendor, and access to your own faction’s vendor. You don’t get the Silver Covenant (or horde equivalent) dailies unless, I’m guessing, you have the reputation (my paladin does, the character I took does not). You don’t get the Champion dailies unless, I’m guessing, you’ve championed a faction (my desire to do things for science stops at doing more Argent Tournament things).

You also need to finish the Black Knight quest chain to unlock Threat From Above for a specific character, regardless of whatever else you have unlocked. Note that the daily unlocks once you’ve gotten the It’s Just a Flesh Wound achievement, but if you’re doing this to buy something with Champion’s Seals (which I’d imagine you are, because otherwise, why would you), you want to continue the chain — you get three Champion’s Seals from The Black Knight’s Fate.

What this means for you:

  • If you want a weapon for transmogrification on a character that’s never touched the Tournament, the most painless way of getting it (at 90) is to run H-ToC and do the two Crusader dailies every day. Minimum effort invested, 5 Seals per day, 5 days to the weapon.
  • If you’re missing some pets and mounts, check any alts of that specific race that existed back in Wrath and ran H-ToC for Champion’s Seals. Even if they’ve never touched the Tournament, they’ll have access to their own faction’s vendor, and the stockpile will be, if nothing else, a start. Depending on how far you are from what you want, you might make it there on the minimum-effort 5 Seals per day, or you might want to, while you’re there, work on unlocking the Champion dailies (which will take 8 days — 3 to work through Aspirant and 5 to work through Valiant).
  • If you want the paladin horse, again, it depends how far you are, how many seals you have and how much time you want to spend. My recommendation would be to spend the 8 days to unlock the Champion’s dailies, while you’re there — they’ll speed up the rate at which you get Seals quite dramatically. It’s still a bit of a pain, but not nearly as huge a pain as before (when if you were starting from scratch you needed 3 days to work through Aspirant and then 25 days to get to Champion with all factions, plus the time you needed to get all of them to exalted if you didn’t have them there already).


(Disclaimer: I have no idea if this works cross-faction. I have one horde character and no desire to trek her out to the Argent Tournament. It would not be 100% confirmation anyway, even if the vendor was available for her, since I did grind this out again during my brief stint as horde.)

To say that I am happy about this is an understatement. My paladin already has 45 Champion’s Seals from running H-ToC back at level, and she has access to all dailies now. Given you can get 14 Seals per day without running H-ToC (which I don’t know if I could solo on a level 87 Protection paladin, honestly), it’s going to take me just four days of dailies to get my horse.