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PSA: Argent Tournament

One of my long-term stated goals for my paladin has been to get her the Argent Charger, ever since they took away the paladin horse from draenei paladin and gave them the dumb elekk instead. (I’ve been using Tyrael’s Charger instead, but it’s not quite the same thing, although it’s a lovely mount.)

The problem was, I’d done a lot of grinding at the Argent Tournament already. As in, two characters fully maxed out twice (due to faction changing, which resets progress), all pets and all mounts except the paladin horse.

I started my paladin out, but gave up very quickly. I got through Aspirant, got to Champion with Exodar and did one day’s work of the Darnassus Valiant line, then I got bored.

Recently, I was looking through my achievements and saw that I’m quite close — 9853 / 10000 at the moment — to the final daily quest achievement. (Alts. Lots of alts. What can I say.) Naturally, I started looking for useful ways of incrementing that counter. I started working on Cloud Serpent reputation for the level 90 characters that are missing it, resumed pet battling, and such. Then I took a look at the paladin, saw the Valiant’s Charge quest in her quest log, and thought, “I might as well.”

She still had the Black Knight quest in her log as well, so I dropped by Westfall and picked up the objective, and dropped in to the Crusader tent to deliver it when I hit the Tournament.

I was in for a bit of a surprise.

Nope, never did any rep grinding.

My paladin is very much not a Crusader. And yet, she has all the Champion, Crusader and Silver Covenant dailies available to her, and the Crusader’s Quartermaster is more than happy to talk to her.

Turns out that somewhere along the line, I don’t know when (the only mention I saw of this on Wowhead is a comment dated 12 January 2014), the Crusader achievement from the Argent Tournament went really, truly account-wide. If you’ve unlocked the whole thing on one character, you’ve got access to the Crusader’s Quartermaster vendor on all characters.

[EDIT] For science, I took a character that had never set foot at the Argent Tournament there. You do get the two Crusader dailies, access to the Crusader’s Quartermaster vendor, and access to your own faction’s vendor. You don’t get the Silver Covenant (or horde equivalent) dailies unless, I’m guessing, you have the reputation (my paladin does, the character I took does not). You don’t get the Champion dailies unless, I’m guessing, you’ve championed a faction (my desire to do things for science stops at doing more Argent Tournament things).

You also need to finish the Black Knight quest chain to unlock Threat From Above for a specific character, regardless of whatever else you have unlocked. Note that the daily unlocks once you’ve gotten the It’s Just a Flesh Wound achievement, but if you’re doing this to buy something with Champion’s Seals (which I’d imagine you are, because otherwise, why would you), you want to continue the chain — you get three Champion’s Seals from The Black Knight’s Fate.

What this means for you:

  • If you want a weapon for transmogrification on a character that’s never touched the Tournament, the most painless way of getting it (at 90) is to run H-ToC and do the two Crusader dailies every day. Minimum effort invested, 5 Seals per day, 5 days to the weapon.
  • If you’re missing some pets and mounts, check any alts of that specific race that existed back in Wrath and ran H-ToC for Champion’s Seals. Even if they’ve never touched the Tournament, they’ll have access to their own faction’s vendor, and the stockpile will be, if nothing else, a start. Depending on how far you are from what you want, you might make it there on the minimum-effort 5 Seals per day, or you might want to, while you’re there, work on unlocking the Champion dailies (which will take 8 days — 3 to work through Aspirant and 5 to work through Valiant).
  • If you want the paladin horse, again, it depends how far you are, how many seals you have and how much time you want to spend. My recommendation would be to spend the 8 days to unlock the Champion’s dailies, while you’re there — they’ll speed up the rate at which you get Seals quite dramatically. It’s still a bit of a pain, but not nearly as huge a pain as before (when if you were starting from scratch you needed 3 days to work through Aspirant and then 25 days to get to Champion with all factions, plus the time you needed to get all of them to exalted if you didn’t have them there already).


(Disclaimer: I have no idea if this works cross-faction. I have one horde character and no desire to trek her out to the Argent Tournament. It would not be 100% confirmation anyway, even if the vendor was available for her, since I did grind this out again during my brief stint as horde.)

To say that I am happy about this is an understatement. My paladin already has 45 Champion’s Seals from running H-ToC back at level, and she has access to all dailies now. Given you can get 14 Seals per day without running H-ToC (which I don’t know if I could solo on a level 87 Protection paladin, honestly), it’s going to take me just four days of dailies to get my horse.


Unique items in Blackrock Spire

Warlords of Draenor will include “a revamped version of the classic Blackrock Spire,” which is all well and good and I’m looking forward to it — except there’s unique items in there. I’ll need to build a list of which items to farm on which characters (it’s pointless to keep an item with a unique model if I’m never, ever going to transmog into it because I find it ugly); to do that, I need a complete list of all items that have no other source.

This is that list. I’m including items from the entire Blackrock Spire, whether you would count it as “lower” or “upper” (since it’s the same dungeon, just with two wings, and I have no guarantee that they’ll change one part and leave the other untouched). Items are listed by source.

I’m listing items that have one identical quest reward or relatively uncommon BoE, in case you want to get the model the “easy way” while it’s there. If there are a half-dozen alternatives, however, I’m skipping it.

I’m also including profession patterns and vanity pets, since both may become unobtainable when the place is revamped. It’ll cost you nothing but a little storage space to pick up, learn and then cage any pet that drops.

Tucking the list under a cut, since it got very, very long. Farming this place is likely going to be more obnoxious than it was to farm Scholomance before Mists dropped…


LFR and scenarios in WoD

(Source.) Oh, god, I hope they do get LFR in this. Especially if they manage to also drop Dragon Soul in. I had the presence of mind to farm LFR Dragon Soul for transmog before Mists landed, and I’m doing the same now, but I didn’t get everything then and I’m unlikely to get everything now, RNG being what it is.

The scenario bit is nice even by itself, especially considering there’s a unique quilen in there that I want to tame; it’s also nice to know that if I fail to get some scenario achievements, I will likely be able to go and get them later — although honestly, I will try my best to get them now, just in case this doesn’t pan out.

Bored now

These last few days I’ve been taking advantage of the Darkmoon Faire buff to push Shaohao rep, making sure I had the buff up not only when turning in the daily, but also when killing things for it. I did my daily killing up in the Sanctuary, since even on my crowded server it’s consistently deserted, especially if you clear down the left side (on the way to where Urdur spawns) instead of towards Ordos; both Kilnmasters and Chanters give 30 reputation per kill with the buff, the guild perks and the Battle Standard of Coordination, and I typically stuck around for a few more kills after I was done with the required daily ones, so I was getting roughly 1000 reputation per day.

Yesterday I noticed I was missing about 1500 rep or thereabouts and it was the last day of the Faire, so I decided to just grind it, and now I have my shiny new mount. (I’ve been pretty much living on the Timeless Isle, so the coins weren’t an issue. I still have another 100k+ coins left.)

It’s actually the first Heavenly cloud serpent I’ve ever had, since my guild didn’t get around to finishing the first-tier Glory before it exploded and I haven’t gotten lucky with the Sha drop yet.

I don’t think I’ll be back to the Timeless Isle for a bit now. I’ll probably still do the daily for a few more days just to cap the rep bar at 999 Exalted like I usually do, but beyond that, I won’t really be grinding mobs or camping rare spawns for the last items I’m missing for the achievement. I have plenty enough to do even just in terms of leveling alts and sorting professions, never mind everything else, and I am so bored with the place. It probably has to do with the fact that I am coming up on 150 Kilnmaster kills without seeing their drop (meanwhile, I’ve seen two more Blizzard Stones from the Chanters, which is just insult to injury) and, in general, I’ve not had any drop in close to a week, not for lack of trying.

So I’ll go do something that doesn’t make me want to cry from boredom instead.

Camping Timeless Isle rares when AFK

I’ve gotten into the habit of parking myself at a Timeless Isle rare’s spawn point when doing something else around the house, and periodically checking if it happens to be up. It’s usually Garnia, because it’s the most annoying to reach, and I’ve been noticing something strange. Sometimes, I would be AFK when it spawned (as it tends to happen), and somebody else would kill it — but I’d come back to find the corpse sparkling, and I’d be able to loot it.

I had my suspicions as to the reason why, and today, with a Leafmender spawn I was pretty much 100% certain I was going to miss, I confirmed it.

If you are in combat with the rare when it dies, you can loot it.

This means you can park yourself right on the spawn point of a rare, to ensure you get in combat with it once it spawns, and reap the benefits of somebody else killing it.

Mind you, there are only a handful of rares you can do this with, since the following needs to be true:

  1. The rare always spawns in the exact same location, preferably one that’s free  of other mobs so you can just sit there out of stealth and not die (so Rock Moss, Leafmender and Zesqua would work, but Spirit of Jadefire, Huolon or Bufo would not, for example);
  2. You need to not be alone at its spawn point (otherwise you might as well just sit slightly off it so it won’t aggro immediately);
  3. It needs to be something that won’t kill you instantly on aggro (just in case everybody else there is also not paying attention).

I’m honestly not sure how well or how often this can even be replicated, but it got me the drop I wanted off Leafmender, so I thought I’d share.

Addon spotlight: Rarity

As I continue my wild flailing glorious endeavors at farming up the last items I need for the Bigger Bag achievement (20 to go) and various pets and mounts I’m still after, I thought it was time to download and install the Rarity addon.

This addon may as well be subtitled “How to hate your luck with the help of maths in one easy step.” Out of the box, it tracks mount and pet drops (and pulls kill counts from your statistics wherever possible), but you can make it track literally any item. Give the item a drop chance (expressed in 1 out of Y — so 1% is 1 out of 100, 25% is 1 out of 4, and so on) and it’ll also helpfully tell you whether you are, mathematically, lucky or unlucky.

If you’ve been keeping track of how many attempts you’ve had so far at getting things to drop (I haven’t), you can tell the addon to start at that number.

So far, all I’ve added to it are the Bigger Bag items I’m still missing (that it didn’t already have) — once I’m done with that, I might also add BoP patterns I want to farm up. We’ll see.

Either way, the addon is worth getting, unless you really, really don’t want to know how long it took you to get a specific drop.