kill ALL the things!

Once more unto the breach

That's HEROIC Nazgrim, for the record.

It all started a week or so ago. There I was, innocently leveling my priest, when I got a whisper from an old friend. I’d met him in my old raiding guild (the one that exploded), then he quit due to a combination of burnout and RL issues; he resumed playing the game pretty recently.

The whisper said, more or less, “Hey, we need a tank for Dark Shamans heroic. [Mutual friend, also from the old raiding guild] was going to tank it, but he can’t get online. Wanna come?”

To which my first reaction was a less-than-eloquent “um…”, which I firmly squelched. Instead, I whispered back that honestly, I hadn’t raided seriously since the first tier of Mists of Pandaria, all I had was LFR experience, my gear wasn’t the best, surely they could find a better tank?

“Nah, it’ll be fine, just come.”

Okay then!

So I went, and a merry evening of wiping on Dark Shamans heroic was had by all. We didn’t kill it on heroic, although we had a 1% wipe — raid time ran out, so we just killed it on normal. I got a belt that nobody else needed and, on coin roll, a trinket. Yay!

After the raid, the friend roped me back into Mumble and I had an illuminating chat with him and the other person who’d led the raid. They were the second raid team in their current guild, but better progressed despite shorter raid times (3 hours two days a week at the time); and they wanted to split off into their own guild, and needed a tank. Would I, perhaps, be interested?

I said I’d think about it, then thought about it, then decided to tell the friend that yes, I wanted in, next time I saw him online.

Then he disappeared for a week, and I wondered, maybe something had gone wrong?

Then he reappeared, and the moment we were both online simultaneously, he whispered me. “Hey, we split off from the old guild yesterday, are you interested in joining?”

Yes, please.

And then they took me to a flex run, and I got a bunch of upgrades. And then yesterday we went to do our first raid with me as a tank, and we cleared the 8 heroic bosses they’d already downed in three hours of raid time, and I got a bunch more upgrades, including two tier pieces. From 540 equipped item level that I had, I’m now at 560.

Here’s to continued raiding fun!