Warlords of Draenor

Analyzing the infodump

Today, in “everybody’s talking about it so I might as well do the same thing” news…

Fair warning: I’m pulling the info from Wowhead’s post on the racials and other changes, and I’m focusing only on the races and classes I play enough to have a semi-informed opinion on the matter.

Draenei: Heroic Presence is now +X to your primary stat. Gift of the Naaru heals for the same amount but over 5sec.

Sounds good. I like the Gift of the Naaru change, also — in its current state, it’s helpful but not that great. Speeding up the heal will improve it.

Humans lose the Mace/Sword racials. The Human Spirit becomes +X to two secondary stats of your choice. Every Man for Himself, we’re still evaluating. Itemization changes may mean no nerf needed.

Letting you pick the stats is a fascinating mechanic. I don’t really use the trinket racial much, since I don’t PVP on my one human character.

Here’s an unpopular opinion, though: I really wish they’d get rid of the stupid Diplomacy racial. As long as they gate things behind reputation, anybody who doesn’t play a human will be at a disadvantage.

Night Elves: Quickness also increases movement speed by 2% passively. They also got a new passive which is quite unique… (Remember, no more haste breakpoints!) Touch of Elune, a new passive which grants 1% Haste at night, 1% Crit during the day. Shadowmeld is unchanged.

Yay, Shadowmeld is staying! I love that racial. I really love that racial. Not only is it inordinately useful for “oops, I pulled too much, I don’t wanna die” situations when I’m soloing, but it can also help with wipe recovery if I manage to be the last one alive during a raid. Passive movement speed is excellent, especially as a tank. The new passive is fascinating, but could be annoying — “We’re making sure that everyone benefits from them”, they say, but they haven’t proven to be very adept at balancing secondaries so far.

As for abilities…

Q: Regarding removing CDs, which is likely gonna be cut for Ferals Berserk or Tiger Fury or both? A: Both of those are staying. Tiger’s Fury is on the border between feeling like a DPS cooldown and a rotational button.

I agree with this assessment and I’m glad both are staying. TF is pretty rotational, what with the short cooldown — you can certainly hold off on using it and line it up with a burst phase, but it’s not essential.

We’re keeping Bloodlust/Heroism [and Time Warp/Ancient Hysteria] as the only raid-wide throughput cooldown. No more Stormlash / Skull Banner.

Huh. I wonder if those other abilities will remain as a personal cooldown, or just go. I mean, they pretty much just got added…

This is making me look forward to the Warlords of Draenor beta that much more. (Assuming I get in, of course, which is not a guaranteed fact but would be very nice.)