Going to Need a Bigger Bag

Just keeping track of items I’m still missing, sorted by source.

(Why did I decide to do this kill me now)


  • Great Turtle Furyshell / Chelon (Hardened Shell) 29/01/2014 — I got mine off Nessos the Oracle, I would recommend that over the turtles
  • Watcher Osu (Ashen Stone) 04/02/2014
  • Rattleskew (Captain Zvedan’s Lost Leg)
  • Spelurk (Cursed Talisman)
  • Spirit of Jadefire (Jadefire Spirit, Glowing Green Ash)
  • Rock Moss (Golden Moss) 04/02/2014
  • Flintlord Gairan (Ordon Death Chime)
  • Zesqua (Rain Stone)
  • Garnia (Ruby Droplet) 04/02/2014 41 attempts since I got an addon to count for me, total tally was probably close to 200
  • Urdur the Cauterizer (Sunset Stone)
  • Jakur of Ordon (Warning Sign)
  • Leafmender (Ashleaf Spriteling) 31/01/2014
  • Monstrous Spineclaw (Spineclaw Crab) 31/01/2014
  • Bufo (Gulp Froglet)
  • Cranegnasher, Tsavo’ka (Pristine Stalker Hide) 01/02/2014 *


  • Ashleaf Sprite (Big Bag of Herbs) 28/01/2014
  • High Priest of Ordos (Ash-Covered Horn)
  • Eternal Kilnmaster (Eternal Kiln)
  • Blazebound Chanter (Blizzard Stone) 27/01/2014
  • Molten Guardian (Cauterizing Core)
  • Eroded Cliffdweller (Glinting Pile of Stone, Odd Polished Stone 03/02/2014 from Golganarr) **
  • Death Adder (Partially-Digested Meal)
  • Primal Stalker (Pristine Stalker Hide) 01/02/2014 *

* I ended up getting it to drop off a Primal Stalker I killed while waiting on a Tsavo’ka spawn. Heh.
** Also drop off Golganarr, but considering how rare the bastard is I might have better luck farming them.


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